Monday, 13 April 2009

Visiting Michelle's family

Morning-39F (4C) - cloudy
Afternoon-50F (15C)-rainy

It wasn't raining yet when I got up but there is rain coming so I set out on my walk. I walked along some of the pathways to Alum Creek. There aren't many leaves on the trees here yet.

This morning I finally got the laundry done here at the campground. That was another job I've been putting off. Certainly wasn't the cheapest place to do laundry either!

After that I had lunch and a nap and midafternoon we went over to Gordon's daughter, Michelle's house. Faith was home from school and Grace arrived shortly after. Luke was still asleep. He and Michelle have had colds this week. Eric was at work.

Things got a little hectic for a while with the kids stealing Grandpa's baseball hat and then hiding it but eventually that toned down.

The girls are fooling around with Grandpa's baseball caps

Grace and Faith

Grace in the t-shirt we got for her on Padre Island, TX

Luke in his Padre Island t-shirt

All three of them in their shirts with Mom and Dad looking on

And Faith holding hers up in front of her

We had a wonderful dinner that Michelle prepared of roast beef, whipped potatoes and peas. She had also made Gordon's favourite - his mother's butterscotch pie recipe with gluten free crust. She also made quite a few different cookies all from scratch for him to bring home as well as various other crackers, cookies etc that she has tried from the store.

We're stuffed and tired but thanks so much Michelle for going to all that work!


  1. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Your grand kids are adorable. Gordon's picture of Iris in her cute little bunny hat is really precious. I love all the color.

    Donna, FL

  2. Grandkids are special! You folks have six, wow, our number five is on the way. Enjoy!

    Rod & Loyce

  3. Good to nee your back close to my neck of the woods. I wish we had known you were back in Ohio we might have been able to stop and visit again on out way back from Circleville, of course I would have known that if I had gotten to read my blogs! Maybe we can catch you guys for another visit on your way back down next fall! See ya in chat soon!

  4. You have a great looking family there. I know they had fun getting to see you both. I hope to see my two grandsons in Kansas in the near future. It has been a year since we have seen them.

    Joe and Sherri


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