Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Our Last Day in the Columbus, OH area

Morning-40F-cloudy, damp
Afternoon-46F-rainy, misty

Today was not a good day, I woke up with a sore throat and broke down and took some Contac as well as extra Vitamin C and it doesn't seem to have worked! When we were at Gordon's daughter's this afternoon she gave me a garlic capsule which is supposed to help and I bought some Slippery Elm lozenges at the health food store. Hopefully I'll beat it but as of right now, it sure doesn't feel like it.

Anyway I did walk this morning then after breakfast we got ready to go to a store that's fairly close to us called Raisin Rack. Michelle recommended it highly for gluten free foods. On the way we stopped at a park called Sharon Woods. It would be a nice spot if it wasn't raining. We bought a couple of items there. Then to Taco Bell for lunch, then Whole Foods, didn't buy much there, the Bank and then I dropped Gordon at Michelle's and went off on my own to Walmart and Meijer. I wasn't gone long as I wasn't really feeling up to shopping today.

Path at Sharon Woods - we didn't walk on it though

The Lake at Sharon Woods

Here are some pictures that our granddaughter, Faith drew for us today. Sorry I didn't feel much like taking photos of grandchildren today.

This is Faith's rendition of the t-shirt we bought her at Padre Island

Faith's rainbow with a cloud and rain

A coffee for Grandpa

I think she said this was a fish hat - what can I tell you, she's still 5!

We filled up with diesel on our way home at 2.17.9. That might be the best price we see in a while.

Michelle prepared us a dinner to go of wild rice, salmon, green beans and key lime bars. She is quite the cook and enjoys it. We're saving it for our dinner tomorrow night when we're on the road.


  1. Ah, nice artwork.. Don't you just love kids drawings? They always have a meaning..
    Sorry you don't feel well. Hopefully it won't last long, perhaps allergy. Mine are really bad this year.

  2. Hope you shake this sickness bug, you have to feel your best when facing the boarder cops. Lol.

    Who knows, maybe it is warmer in Ottawa!

    Rod & Loyce

  3. Very talented 5 year old. Drive safe my friends.

    Joe and Sherri


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