Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Touring the Area

I don't know what the temperature was this morning as Gordon hadn't hooked up the thermometer when we got here yesterday but I started out with a sweater and a sleeveless T-shirt and ended up taking off the sweater. It was also bright and sunny with no wind. I decided not to take my camera with me this morning. I only saw a couple of egrets, one of which had just caught a fish and was proceeding to swallow it as I went past. I heard lots of small birds and did see one cardinal.

After breakfast, we finally got the dishes done then went outside to wash the windows. They look much better now. Gordon came out and used the squeegee when I was done washing them.

After we both had naps and lunch we set out to tour Louisiana small towns and Lake Martin. Here are some photos.

Egret at Lake Martin swamp

Cypress swamp

Small alligator on a log in the swamp

Little blue heron in the swamp

Night heron

Beautiful canopied trees over the road

This is the bridge that gave Breaux Bridge its name

This photo is for Jenny

First we went to Lake Martin. We saw a few egrets and a couple of roseates in a rookery but not as many as we saw at High Island the other day. Then we stopped at Cat Fish Heaven, the RV park where we had planned to stay but I wasn't all that impressed with it. Then on to St. Martinville and New Iberia. New Iberia is the location of a book I read recently so I wanted to have a look at it. We also went to Avery Island where they make tabasco sauce but it was too late for today so we started home arriving at 6 p.m.
We did see a beautiful sunny high of 81F (27F) today.


  1. Great pictures, as usual, Sandra.
    Southern Louisiana has some great places to see, swamp tours, and lots of wildlife, especially if you like alligators.
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Sandra, Lake Martin is where we took a swamp tour while we were in Abbeville. That was a great tour! The tabasco factory tour isn't much, we were disappointed, but glad it was free. It's fun to see places we've been through someone else's eyes!

  3. Anonymous10:43 am

    We spent several days in the area you are in now, several years ago...I read the books by the same author you're talking about...can't think of his name...I love that's like another world...if you can...visit Oak Alley...a large plantation home/'s pretty neat...


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