Thursday, 19 March 2009

Groceries and Stuff

Low-54F (12C)
High-78F (26C)

Yesterday when coming home from our outing I saw some wild poppies in the ditch on the road just outside the park so that's where my walk took me this morning. I'm sure they have other names but I call them poppies. It's another beautiful sunny, clear day here in the deep south.

White poppy

Pink poppy

Road in to the RV park

Turtle on a log in the pond along the road coming into the RV park

Path along the fishing pond

Egret waiting for a handout

Our RV on the right. You can see the pond in front and the pond behind our 5er.

I'm quoting Al here from The Bayfield Bunch "Sometimes there are website links from people in emails, comments, or guest book pages. Some of those websites have music on them when opened. Our Verizon program allows us 5GB a month for bandwidth. Because I upload a lot of photos we just barely squeak under our quota each month & there is a heavy financial penalty if you go over. In order to wiggle under the line we don't listen to or download any music, podcasts, videos, animated jokes & cards, etc. When I hear music on somebody's website I have to turn the site off because I'm worried about using up bandwidth. This is really unfortunate because there are fellow RV'ers & bloggers out there with great sites that we're missing."

The only difference between us is we have 250 MB per day with our internet satellite instead of 5 GB per month and our penalty for going over the limit isn't financial it's terminal slowness (less than dial up speed) for 24 hours. It's too bad that the music players don't have an option to turn them off before they start loading. There are some things you gotta give up in this lifestyle!

Today was grocery shopping day. I stopped at Winn Dixie to get the popcorn Gordon likes and you can't buy it anywhere else and also at Walmart, then home. There's not a lot in Breaux Bridge!

I spent some of the day today looking at where we might go when we leave here next week. So far, no decisions have been made. Maybe a Louisiana State Park, maybe the Houma area. I've read so much about Houma in the V.C. Andrews books, I'd like to see the area. My guess is it's much different than it was.

Gordon got the TV satellite set up on the tripod today. I think we've now learned that if the RV is not completely level, there's no point trying to set up the dish on the roof of the RV.

I had a nice Yahoo Messenger chat with one of my former co-workers this afternoon. I'm looking forward to meeting her at the office for lunch when we get back. It's always nice to see all the folks!


  1. Amen on the music download bit. We have the aircard, and the 5GB thing causes me to quit a blog page the very moment we get deep enough into the page to start the download.
    Please place your music on the very bottom of your page, not on the side bar. If we want or need some quiet time with music we know its there and will go start it.


  2. Well you know I had never thought of that being a problem being that we are on DSL...I think I will jerk my music off the wont be long we will be on Air Card and limited also. Thanks for including that on your journal. Hope this comment finds you both having a good time. See ya later...

    Joe and Sherri


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