Saturday, 14 March 2009

Our Last Day at Kerrville, TX

Low 37F (3C)
High 47F (8C)

No rain! Yeah! I got to walk this morning. The bridge had no water on it so off I went to the island. It was a bit muddy in the low lying areas but considering the rain we've had it wasn't bad at all. The only thing I saw were these Egyptian Geese that were hanging around the feeder. No idea where they came from as they're considered an exotic species.

There's more water in the river fork

Clouds over the island

Purple flowering tree - I think is called redbud

Question from reader: Great picture! Do you know of any upcoming photo classes in the Corpus Christi area?

Answer: No, we're not from that area although we spent a lot of time on the coastal bend this winter. Goose Island State Park was giving photography seminars three afternoons a week when we were there but they were pretty basic photography.

Today I updated our expenses in my spreadsheet as I hadn't done any for March yet and the month is nearly half way through. I also got some cleaning done.

I went up to the campground shower this afternoon. I don't like showering in the RV when it's cold and it's still chilly inside the RV especially in the bath/bed area as we keep the door closed to keep heat in the living area. They had to put a combination lock on the bathroom doors as someone vandalized the bathrooms. That's such a shame that someone would do something like that. From what I could see they must have broken the pretty hooks off the walls in the shower are as there were no hooks to hang your clothes today.

Gordon got the tanks dumped this afternoon and I put away the barbecue and the table that we had outside. We're hoping to get away fairly early tomorrow as we have about a 350 mile drive ahead of us. We also filled up with diesel at 1.89.9.

Sure hope it's not raining in the morning!


  1. Hello Gordon and Sandra...Sherri and I made it back to Carrollton. I guess the next time we pull out when we leave on our adventure. Have a safe journey until we meet again.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Sandra, your picture of the Egyptian Geese may have solved a mystery for me. We saw a bird in Rockport in 2007 that looks very much like this, but we haven't been able to identify it. I think it may be the same thing. Thanks!



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