Monday, 9 March 2009

Just Stuff

Now that we're on Daylight Savings Time it stays dark longer in the morning so I'm not so inclined to get up early. Consequently it was almost 8:30 a.m. again. It was cloudy and grey but 66F (19C) when I went out for my walk. I didn't take my camera since it looked like rain and I haven't seen anything on the island that I haven't already photographed. That being said, as soon as I started to cross the bridge I saw a kingfisher on the wire above me but I kept going. He was still there when I came back so I stopped at the RV to get my camera but he was gone so I continued walking around the park and he was back again when I got to the RV so here he is.....

After breakfast I changed the bed, then went up to do the laundry. There were already two people there and there are two washers and two dryers. I got up there about 11:45 a.m. and didn't get back to the RV till 3 p.m. I had considered just going to the laundromat as there's one not far away but I didn't.

What little was left of the afternoon I spent finishing my book by Debbie MacComber that I found in the campground library. As usual, it was a good one!

They sell tamales at the office and I sat there and smelled them all the while I was doing the laundry. They are $7/doz. We've never eaten them. I asked what they're made of and the owner makes them from pork and seasonings and cornmeal so I think they would agree with Gordon. I'm considering going up and getting some.

We've been discussing what we're going to do when our week is up on Wednesday. Do we stay here, move to Fredericksburg or go elsewhere. So far, no decision has been made.

We had some cloud, some sun, humidity and a few rain sprinkles today but we did get up to 80F (27C).

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