Thursday, 12 March 2009

Oil Change, Deer and Antelope Playing

L-36F (2C)
H-45F (7C)

It rained most of the night and we had some thunder and lightning. It seemed we had thunder on and off from late afternoon till sometime during the night. It was still raining when I got up but when it came time to go for my walk, it stopped!

When I went outside and looked over at the island, I saw that the bridge was partly covered with water so instead of going to the island I decided to check out the streets around the park. After going right and seeing nothing of interest other than another small RV park, I went left. This street follows the length of the campground and at the end of the road there's a gate which takes you down to the river fork area. There was a beautiful deer. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera as I thought it might rain. She just stood there looking at me till I tried to move closer then she ran off. They are such a beautiful animal.

I went up to use the campground showers this morning as they are in the office building and are heated! Nice showers, clean and roomy and lots of really hot water!

This afternoon we took the truck in to the Dodge dealer in Kerrville to have the oil changed in preparation for our trip north.

Big chair that I photographed yesterday at the Dodge Dealer with me showing how big it is!

After that we went for a brief tour of Kerrville-Schreiner Park. I'm really sorry we didn't get to stay there. Just driving around we saw black buck antelope and lots of deer. Gordon wanted credit for maneuvering the truck around so I could get the photos. He didn't have his camera with him since we were going to be at the Dodge dealer.We then did a brief stop at the Louise Hays Park in town.

Black Buck Antelope

Closer view but a little blurry

Lookin' back at me

Cypress trees at Louise Hays Park, Kerrville

Hopefully if anyone is going to be around at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort I'll get a chance to come over and visit tomorrow afternoon.


  1. I do not know what Loyce has planned, but I would love to meet you folks. So come on over, or we could come there.


  2. Love the chair photo, you should submit that to my friend for her web site, she'd love it!


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