Friday, 23 January 2009

A Laid Back Day & Fried Oysters

Today started out a balmy 60F (16C). I walked 2.2 miles this morning. I decided to try one of the routes that Ellie took. It seemed more like walks I took in the desert last year without the desert scenery. Instead I had herons and a kingfisher.

After breakfast and some internet surfing, I moved outside to my lawn chair to read. The wind had come up and it was blowing from the west so it felt cool even though it wasn't. I stayed till a while after lunch, then moved inside to read and have a nap. Yesterday wore us both out! And I finished another book. I've certainly read a lot of books this winter!

This afternoon Gordon went out for a walk with his camera so I took the opportunity to get the vacuuming done. Not every day in the life of a fulltime RVer is fun and games, work has to get done too.

We reached a high of 74F (23C) this afternoon. Except for the wind it was a beautiful day.

To read Gordon's blog from our trip yesterday and to see the photo that he took of one of our armadillos, click here. It is such a cute photo!

Tonight, Delmer and Bobbie had a fried oyster dinner at the rec hall. Here's a photo of my second plate. It was soooo good!

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