Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Flu Shot, Propane and A Trip to Seadrift

I was up a little earlier today as we had to get ready to go into Port Lavaca for our flu shots. I still did my exercises just moved a little faster than usual this morning.

Luckily I called the doctor's office where we planned to go. The flu shots didn't come in. Sure glad I called otherwise it would have been mostly a wasted trip. I called another doctor's office and they referred me to the the County Health Department. We were told to come ahead in.

We still hadn't gotten propane so Gordon packed up the propane tank and we took that in too. First we went to get our flu shots. They were only $20/each at the Health Unit. Then we found the propane place finally and it was open! That taken care of I thought we were going home but no, Gordon wanted to go to a little town on San Antonio Bay called Seadrift. Just across the Bay is Austwell, TX which is where the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is located, home of the whooping cranes. Unfortunately we didn't see any whooping cranes but did see lots of pelicans!

Palms along San Antonio Bay at Seadrift, TX

If you look closely you can see the pelicans sitting on the poles in the forefront

This pelican was sitting at the very top of this boat's rigging

Harbor scene at Seadrift

This egret looked like it was the captain of the boat

Houses near the waterfront

We then headed for the RV but stopped for Gordon to take a few photos along the way. There's another birding spot quite close to us so we drove down that road and saw quite a few ibis, heron, and egrets although they were far away.

Road through the bird sanctuary

The area where the campground is located is called Powderhorn

It was very windy today but I sat outside for a while and managed not to blow away. It was 75F (24C) and sunny though. I came in to read after a while and guess what - had a nap!

When I woke up I got the meat packaged up and put in the freezer that I bought yesterday, also cleaned the strawberries and brussel sprouts so we're ready to eat again!

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  1. I think Sherri and I will venture down to Rockport in 2010 for the Jan and Feb winter months. Sounds like a great place to winter and not that far for us to drive. I really like the price and the electric is $.15 a KWH. Not too bad on the budget.



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