Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada!

It was quite warm this morning but cloudy and remained cloudy all morning although the sun
did try to come out a bit. The temperature got up to 23C (74F) today. I went for my walk, did my exercises, had my breakfast, cleaned the bathroom, had a shower and surfed the 'net this morning.

Around noon I went into Carleton Place again to see if I could return my books to the library. they're supposed to be open Monday to Friday from 9-2:30 for book returns but I guess that doesn't apply to Thanksgiving Day. We'll have to take them back tomorrow morning before we leave. Up here everything is closed on Thanksgiving Day. Gordon called me on my cell after I had left to ask me to stop and pick up some plugs to hang the valance around the rear window as the screws are stripped. I told him that nothing is open today so it will have to wait until we're in Lindsay. It seems strange to see big parking lots with no cars in them.

When I got home I decided not to do much today so settled down to a book that I have in my stash. I don't have very many left so sure hope that RV parks we stay this winter have libraries!

Since we've had Thanksgiving type food for three days, I decided to dispense with the Thanksgiving dinner tonight and just have regular food although we did have chicken since Gordon cooked four breasts last night. That should last us for a day or two. I find chicken breasts are so big these days that I can't eat a whole one anymore. After all, I am supposed to be eating smaller meals due to my reflux disease. I just can't seem get my brain around doing that.

I went for a walk around the campground this afternoon to get some photos. You can see from the photo above that our neighbour on the left is gone. They left today. The fifth wheel on our right just came in a couple of days ago but they will be seasonal. They already have a little shed put up.

These geese were flying overhead and making a lot of noise when I was down by the river. Most of the leaves are now gone from the trees across the river.

Today is our last day here at Tranquil Acres, tomorrow we're moving on!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sandra & Gordon... I love turkey.


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