Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Dinner at the Cottage

It was really foggy this morning when I went for my walk so I took a few photos in the softer light.

This hawk was also flying around.

The fog burned off and the rest of the day was supposed to be sunny and nice but we had a lot more cloud than sun. I went in to town to pick up some groceries.

We were supposed to go to the cottage for lunch tomorrow (Thurs) as Betty and Garth were going out of town to visit someone today however the man they were to visit apparently had a stroke so Betty called this morning to see if we could come for dinner instead. They are planning on returning to Toronto tomorrow. They're closing up the cottage for the season. Bummer!

So after I got back, I had a nap, then we got showered and went to the cottage. Betty, Gordon and I went for a walk around and saw this loon on the water.

This is a very large cat which is owned by one of Betty and Garth's neighbours. His name is Ralph and he weighs 22 lbs. His poor little legs will hardly hold him up.

Here we are after dinner. Gordon is taking the photo.

I took this photo of Betty and Garth for my sidebar.

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