Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Generally Boring Day

There's not much going on here today. After my morning rituals, I went in to town. I needed to get our travel medical insurance. I decided to go with deductibles to make it less expensive. Hopefully this year we won't have to use it at all.

The laundry here at the campground is closed so I went to check out a laundromat in town. There's one I usually go to but it doesn't have a washroom but has good parking for a 1 ton truck. There are two others, one right downtown which isn't good and one on the west end which doesn't have very good parking for a vehicle the size of ours so I'll either wait till we get to Sherkston Shores or go to the one without the washroom. Darned inconvenient not to have a washroom in a laundromat if you ask me!

I got a few groceries and generally looked around, arriving home shortly after lunch time.

I lay down and read, had a nap. Got up and cut up the strawberries I bought yesterday and made a meatloaf.

I borrowed Gordon's photo of the loon on Sturgeon Lake that he took yesterday as I didn't take any photos today. The good news is Gordon sold three photos today. I don't usually comment when he does but since this is a slow day, thought I'd tell you.

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