Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ornamental Gardens

It was another cloudy, rainy day today. I heard it raining just as I was getting up but it let up enough for me to go for my walk and I even managed to run a bit today! I commented to Gordon the other night that the foot fracture must be getting better because now I notice the arthritis in my big toe more!

So I'm thinking enough with the rain already! It's rained every day since forever! We are lucky in that we've had some sunny breaks in between but I'm really tired of the mud!

Gordon had an appointment at 7:40 a.m. for a bone scan so he was gone early and was home just as I was getting my cereal ready. Hopefully the results of that will be good news. A few years ago he was told he had the beginnings of osteoporosis, probably from living with celiac disease all his life and not knowing it. He was put on drugs for osteoporosis but these caused stomach problems so he hasn't been taking them. We're hoping that now that he can absorb nutrients that things will be more positive with this bone scan.

My friend and former co-worker, John is now posting a blog. If anyone is interested in reading of his past adventures please click here. I have put a link in my sidebar as well. John will also be taking another motorcycle trip in July. I'm looking forward to his adventures. John has been a follower of our odyssey since the beginning and at one time, hoped to purchase his own Titanium and join us on the road. Now that he has retired, he will be taking several long motorcycle trips which he enjoys very much.

I decided to eliminate Shoutbox from my sidebar as I hadn't been getting comments there since the first couple of days. I prefer Comments anyway!

After a morning nap that stretched to after lunch, Gordon decided we should go to the Ornamental Gardens, part of the Ottawa Experimental Farm to take some photos of the peonies. They aren't all out yet and some of the ones that are have dropped their petals due to all the rain that we've had but they were still beautiful.

Here's a photo of the photographer:

Pink (almost burgundy) and white lilacs

Down Lilac Way

Some single and some double peonies.

Quite a few bees doing their pollinating

The lilacs are still out but some of the trees are finished and the iris were out as well. They had some beautiful iris. For anyone that knows me, they know the iris is my favourite flower. I especially liked the black lacy ones we saw today.

This purple and black and the black iris below were two of my very favourites

A pretty good day considering the weather but you can take flower pictures in any kind of weather!


  1. Sandra...how did you know I was not walking??? OK mums the word Sherri will be sooo mad. Really I have been doing house work and you know that can be a lot of excercise! I have so much to do...tomorrow is wash day and I am so tired...BOOO WHOOOO. Don't you fell sorry for me...OK maybe Gordon does.



  2. Beautiful gardens and even more beautiful pictures. Felt like I was there.


  3. Wow, I think I'll throw my camera away. My pic's can't hold a candle to you and Gordon.

  4. Sandra,

    The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Just breathtaking!!!!

    Hugs, Karon

  5. The flowers are awesome. Keep up the good work. Hope all of Gordon's test come out good!

  6. Just lovely, Sandra.
    The flowers and the scenery photos.
    I am glad your foot is getting better.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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