Monday, 2 June 2008

Groceries, Chiropractor and Mud Lake

The day started out bright and sunny however the weather forecast was for rain and thunder storms in the late afternoon which proved to be true. However, I managed to have my walk under bright and sunny skies.

I got ready early and went out for groceries this morning as Gordon wanted to go to the chiropractor this afternoon so I was home before noon. He had made his chiropractic appointment for 2 p.m. We arrived at 1:30 p.m. and they took him almost right away.

We had decided that after the chiropractor we were going to do the Mud Lake Trail. We've done it before going in from the south. This time we went from the north. It's supposed to be a great birding area but other than robins, redwing blackbirds, chickadees, a goose and crows we didn't see any birds. We did see this little turtle (photo below) a muskrat (photo below) and a black squirrel (photo below). I fed some bread that I had brought to the squirrel and he seemed happy.

This is Mud Lake with the highrises behind and the goose in the foreground.

Another scenic Mud Lake photo.

Gordon on the trail.

Just like a Monet painting, well sorta like a Monet painting.

It's a pretty trail but lots of trees and vegetation. There were a lot of pretty white and pink wild phlox around and also some lily of the valley in one spot which always smells so pretty.

After that trail we went across the road and took a short trail to the Ottawa River. I believe these are the Deschenes Rapids on the river.

It started to rain shortly after we got in the truck but we were home by the time the thunder started.

Another nice day!


  1. I collect Monets, copies, of course. Yes, almost like the painting. Maybe you could have doctored up the photo and changed the color of the flowers and sold it to the Louvre. LOL
    I love your black Fillmore, and the beautiful waterfalls. That is a lovely area. Thank you for showing it to us. Penny, TX

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