Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Around the Park

The desert in the morning sun

This is better! I woke up to bright sunshine this morning although the outside temperature was only 34F (1C). There was no wind so it felt warmer but there was still frost on the ground. I had a nice walk and a couple of short runs.

It wasn't quick to warm up and only got to about 51F (11C). I got ready and went out to the Superwalmart on McKellips for groceries. Since we hadn't decided where we were going from Mesa on Thursday I decided to buy groceries as if we were going to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. So I stocked up on stuff that I figure you probably can't buy in a small town like Lactaid milk.

Clouds over the Superstitions this afternoon

When I got back to the RV and unpacked the groceries, we decided that we will go to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument so I phoned them to find out about campgrounds. I was told that the one within the park has no hookups. That's out for us. I asked for close RV parks to them and she gave me Coyote Howls. Apparently the RV Park in Lukeville is no longer in operation. I called to make sure and their number is no longer working. I've been reading the blog of another couple from Ontario, the Bayfield Bunch. Al and Kelly Bossence are near Organ Pipe now and are setting up a website for Hickiwan Trails RV Park. I called the park and they have room for us so I guess we'll be spending a week - at $85 for the week it's probably the cheapest place we've stayed since Texas with the exception of the little park that we stayed one night at in Oklahoma that was $10/night (Lake El Reno). I expect there's tax and whatnot on top of the $85. RV parks tend not to tell you about taxes and such when you ask them and only spring it on you when it's time to pay!

The photo on the right is the sun behind a saguaro.

Gordon went out in the late afternoon to take some photos. I elected to stay behind and do my own thing. I looked out and saw shadows on the Superstitions so away I went to the Buckhorn Trail for some photos. They looked so beautiful and still have a little bit of snow on them. I went out again at sunset. The sunset itself was pretty blah but the sun on the Superstitions was pretty. I'll really miss these mountains when we leave here on Thursday. We've really enjoyed being here but it will be nice to have sewer again. My hair badly needs a dye job!

This is a better photo of Wind Cave than I had the other day.

Sunset on the Superstition Mountains

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  1. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Hi Sandra, no taxes here at Hickiwan. The Indians own it.
    At Organ Pipe the only drive open is the Ajo Mountain, 21 miles, gravel, but really nice. There are 2 hiking trails on that scenic drive. The Welcome centre is very nice, but that is about all they have there. Might be a short hike around the centre also. Hickiwan just put in reverse-osmosis water, We have been drinking it right from our rig tap. We are just waiting for the search engines to pick up the site. We missed one little tab on the publishing control section, so we are a little bit behind time wise for pucblishing. This is a nice park and has scenic hiking areas.
    See you soon ! Kelly


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