Monday, 21 January 2008

Not a Very Interesting Monday

I didn't realize this was a long weekend for some nor did I know Martin Luther King Day was a holiday. No wonder the campground was full this weekend.

I started out my day with my walk. I didn't stay out as long as I knew I had to go for groceries and would be walking a lot then. After breakfast, I got ready and first went to Sprouts where I got some supplies, then I stopped at Kohl's where I finally found a new rug for the front door (inside). I think it's quite pretty. They had lots of good sales on. I was also looking for a bathmat and toilet seat cover but couldn't find what I wanted there. Maybe I'll try another Kohl's.

My final stop was Walmart on McKellips where I picked up the groceries I needed. There were a few things they didn't have so I'll have to make a trip to the one on Apache Trail. It was a busy store today but checking out didn't take as long as usual. I really hate standing in line to give a store my money! The lady forgot to put through my water refills so she marked it on the bill and said I didn't have to pay for it as it was her mistake even though I offered to pay her cash. That was nice of her.

When I got back I read, had a nice hot shower and that about covered my afternoon.

I also learned how to put my photos side by side but unfortunately I didn't learn how to resize them once they were side by side so that will have to be a lesson for another day as when I posted them they were too large and you could only see half of the right hand photo.

Just before sunset we drove to the Staging Area where the trails start and walked for a while on the No-So trail. Here are some photos I took along the trail.

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