Friday, 25 January 2008

Mesa Fleamarket and Just Hangin' Out

I woke up this morning feeling less than wonderful, I think, from allergies. I don't know why some days are worse than others. My eyes were all blurry even with my eye drops that I use for allergies and I felt kind of weak. No walk this morning as the plan was to go to the Mesa Fleamarket.

Gordon was out taking photos at sunrise and had gone as far as Weaver's Needle which is north on the Apache Trail toward Torilla Flat. By the time he got home, downloaded photos and put up his Photo of the Day on his pbase site, had breakfast and dressed, we arrived at the Fleamarket around 10:30 a.m.

I took the photo on the right above of the view beyond our 'yard' and the pretty clouds just before we left for the Fleamarket. Here's a better photo of our new site that I took this morning in the sunlight also before we left. It always looks better in the sun!

Our first purchase were three new Arizona baseball caps for Gordon. He's turned into a capaholic! When he took those to the truck I went my own way but didn't find much to buy, not being in the mood. I did buy a couple of more pairs of sunglasses as I liked the ones I bought the last time. Other than that, I walked around for a couple of hours, looked at some jewelry and was back at the truck around 12:30 p.m. Oh, the other thing I bought was a giant cookie as I was hungry and their fast food didn't appeal to me for the prices they wanted. The cookie wasn't the best thing in the world for me but it sure was good!

We arrived home and I lay down to read and dozed on and off all afternoon. Too bad as it was a nice day.

There was a fairly nice sunset so I took a couple of photos from the living room window and that was about the extent of the day.

I decided to have some 'medicinal' brandy to see if that would cure what ails me. My grandmother (on my mother's side) always swore by it!

I was reading another fulltime RVers blog, Karon. She's very philosophical and writes an interesting blog however it was the photo of her dog, KD under her blanket that made me think of my dog. Here's a similar photo that Gordon took of him when he was alive that we affectionately call "Quilthead".

I still miss my poor little puppy.

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