Sunday, 16 December 2007

Walks and Visits

This morning I decided to try to go for a walk. I managed to walk around the loop here in the campground. I took this photo while still standing on the pavement in the RV park.

After breakfast, I walked over to Jim and Ellie's and took some photos of the dogs. She walked back with me and then went to do her dog grooming. Gordon had gone out to the Desert Museum to take some photos and had really good luck with the birds posing for him today. He said that the place was packed today though.

Here are Ellie and Jim's Schnauzers, Mr. Bo Jangles (Bo Bo) and Jasmine. Bo Bo is black and Jasmine is silver.

It wasn't warm enough to sit outside so I read for a while, made a couple of bracelets, read some more and fell asleep. Ellie came over late in the afternoon for a while after she got her chores done.

We did have a spectacular sunset tonight. I took these photos from the bottom step of the RV.

And here's another photo that Denyse from our rv-dreams chatroom sent me of her sister's yard (St. Louis) after the ice storm with some snow thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Enjoying your impressions of Tucson! Your bracelets are beautiful. You should try the Tohono Chul Tea House while in town, beautiful setting and good food.
    Judy (the other)
    another RV-Dreams member


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