Thursday, 13 December 2007

Too Much for a Title

Ellie & Jim came over later in the afternoon yesterday after I posted. Here's a photo of them. Gordon mentioned to me this morning that I haven't clarified who Ellie and Jim are. Ellie and Jim are also fulltime RVers and I have been chatting with Ellie on the rv-dreams chatroom for many months so it's great to finally meet her.

This morning Ellie dropped over to introduce us to their Schnauzer puppies, Bo Jangles and Jasmine. They were going out sightseeing and grocery shopping,

I decided that I needed to get the laundry done today. I managed to get my sneaker on my foot and it actually felt better being encased in something that gave it some support.

After lunch I asked Gordon if he wanted to go for a drive. I was getting bored. On the way out we saw that Ellie and Jim had returned so we stopped by. Ellie had picked up some strawberries for me as I didn't know at the time that I would be able to put on a shoe.

Anyway, off we went for a drive. Our first stop was to find a restaurant for Ellie, Jim, Gordon and I to meet up with Jo and Fred. We stopped at a local Mexican place, no ambience and what I call local color so we tried another Bar & Grille, more bar than grille. We stopped at a place that Jo had recommended called Coyote Pause. I had looked at their menu on line and didn't think Gordon could eat much of what they had however we went in and talked to the lady at the counter and she even seemed to know what a gluten intolerance was. Amazing!

We continued on and wound up at Madera Canyon which is about 40 miles south of Tucson near Green Valley. It's a pretty spot with snow-topped Mt. Wrightson standing over it. We drove almost to the end of the road taking some photos before returning and taking a different way home.

Yes, that is snow!I wanted to see if we could find the Walmart Neighborhood Store on Valencia so we went west on Valencia then turned off on a side street which took us to Irvington Rd. then a bumpy unpaved section of road took us to Sunset which took us to Kinney and home!

We stopped to see Ellie and Jim again, picked up the strawberries and while there she sent an email to Jo about tomorrow.

Now I have to remember to get a photo of Ellie and Jim's poochies.

Oh, and here's a photo that fellow chatter, Dee sent me of the ice storm at St. Louis where her sister lives.

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