Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Just Another Day at the Park

It rained overnight and into this morning, not heavy, just a nice light rain. The temperature hardly reached 21C (70F) today. I only went out today to walk the trash down to the trash bin. Here's a photo I took down by the river.

Gordon seems to be feeling better today although he did sleep quite a bit this afternoon.

This morning a brand new park model was delivered and set up two sites over and behind us. It's a really long model and takes up the whole site in length. It's a really nice one with lots of windows in the living area. See it below:

Other than that and finishing my latest book which was loosely based on the Steven Truscott story. The book was called The Way the Crow Flies by a Toronto writer, Ann-Marie MacDonald. I had read the original book The Steven Truscott Story some years ago and remember when this happened. I can recall even as a child wondering how on earth this 14 year old boy could be convicted solely on circumstantial evidence. He was tried in an adult court and sentenced to hang for the rape and murder of a 12 year old friend, Lynne Harper. Amazingly enough, just last week he was finally acquitted of the crime some 48 years later. He only served 10 years in prison and then was paroled and given a new name however it took all this time for him to be acquitted.

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