Saturday, 2 June 2007

Hot Dog Fest

It was very warm and humid this morning. I walked quite a ways further along Appleton Side Road and then down River Road towards Appleton but the air was very heavy and it was still a little foggy. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and thunderstorms off and on this week but mainly after 10:00 p.m. I always liked it in the Caribbean when it rained at night and you woke up to a bright sunny day but that hasn’t been happening here for most of this week.

After breakfast we dumped our tanks. Although we dump into a tank which has to be pumped out, this site has a drain that goes into the ground for the gray water only so we don’t have to dump as often which is very nice.

There is a hot dog fest tonight at the campground sponsored by the owners so I checked with Shonagh this morning to see if the hot dogs were wheat free, they weren’t, so off I went to pick some up as well as some other items.

When I got back we had a big rain storm again. This has been going on most of the week. Enough already! It was 26C (79F) when I got back to the RV and very humid. Glad I wore my sundress.

We went to the rec hall for 6:00 p.m. for the hot dog fest and sat with two couples that you will see in the photos below. Both couples are planning on becoming fulltimers within the next year or so. We enjoyed our hot dogs and desserts and chatting with the people. There are quite a few new seasonal people here this year and Dave (the owner) made a welcome speech and even included us!

Our Table - left to right - Steven, Gordon, Gary, Debra and Janice - I'm taking the photo

Dave giving his welcome speech and Shonagh on the far right with two of their granchildren in the background

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  1. Anonymous3:45 am

    Hi! Thanks for the invite. I am loving looking at the nature pictures. I will be sure to check in on you here.

    Oh I envy you both the camping and also the wonderful photos, not to mention being in Ontario.

    Hope your weekend is a great one!



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