Saturday, 21 April 2007

Paper Work!

This morning was 40F (4C) and very sunny. I took what has become my usual walk this week.

Gordon left early to go to the Columbus Zoo. Michelle and the kids were meeting him there after Luke’s morning nap. I elected not to go as I still had to go through all our receipts and get them straightened out for the border. While I was at it I went through our little filing cabinet that we have in the form of a coffee table in the living room and sorted through all the papers and tried to get them organized. It took a long time!

After that I settled down to see what I could do on this month’s Conde Naste Where Are You contest but I think it’s got me stumped this month. It’s definitely somewhere in South America but the clues have me confused. I’ve relayed what I have to my sister, Betty who is also involved in this contest with me every month so maybe she can make some sense of it.

We got to a high of 70F (21C) today. A really beautiful spring day!

Gordon stayed at Michelle’s for dinner so I didn’t have to make dinner either. Bonus!

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