Friday, 9 February 2007

A Very Gray Day!

This morning was only 56F (13C) and our high only got to 59F (15C). It was very cloudy all day. I had my morning walk around the neighborhood out Lone Star and south on Tenth and back. I sure miss the scenic walks I had at Goose Island and Mustang Island State Parks. Also Port Aransas was pretty scenic.

I’m running out of room on my hard drive on my computer. I still have the photos that I took at the beginning of our RV Odyssey on it so today we went in search of an external hard drive. Gordon has been backing up my photos on DVD but they aren’t easily accessible for me. We wound up at Radio Shack in Aransas Pass where I got a 200 GB for $99.99. Amazing! I remember when I got my first computer, a little Mac SE. I got a 80 MB hard drive when I went to visit Gordon in Dayton for $600+ U.S. and that was a good deal. This would have been in 1989. Now I have to get the files transferred.

So while we were in a spending mood, I also got a back up photo card for my camera and a card reader. Toys, toys, toys!

On our way back we stopped at Palm Harbor RV Park and Ancient Oaks campground (a former KOA) and had a look around. We’ve gotten spoiled here the sites are so large. Palm Harbor was dumpy but was right on the water. Ancient Oaks was better but not up to the standards that we have here for less money. They do have a pool and a hot tub that we don’t have here (but we don’t usually use them anyway) and it’s closer to the water but not that much closer.

Then we stopped at downtown Rockport and walked around a bit and I made a hair appointment for Monday.

Also today we made an appointment at Camping Clinic to take the RV in for the new microwave next Thursday and a truck appointment for its service for next Friday. Whew! Too busy!

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck we saw at Ancient Oaks RV Park pond

Colorful rocking chairs in front of a store in downtown Rockport

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