Thursday, 8 February 2007


It was 64F (18C) and cloudy this morning for my walk around the neighboring streets. We had some glimpses of sun during the day but they were few.

This morning I got the vacuuming done and the floors washed and prepared the laundry to get that taken care of. After showers and lunch, I got the laundry done.

As I didn’t have my 10,000 steps yesterday due to our cruise, I decided to go for another walk late this afternoon as the sun had come out and it was beautiful. We reached a high today of 73F (23C) although it was fairly humid compared to what we’ve had for a long while.

I didn’t take any photos today so I’m borrowing one of the flying whooping cranes that Gordon took yesterday. It’s such a beautiful photo! This particular photo reminds me a lot of a stamp that my Dad had. I think it was a 5 cent. He had cancellations of the stamp from every post office in Canada at the time and I remember that he sold the album (I think in 1968) and took a trip to England.

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