Tuesday, 6 February 2007

More Places to Go

These are the black pigs (javelina??)

Today was a really nice sunny day with no wind and 55F (13C) when I got up this morning. I walked around the area starting out going east on Lone Star for a change. I saw a great egret walking right along the road on Tenth Street and a cardinal in the tree just as I was entering the park.

After breakfast and shower, I headed over to WalMart to pick up a few things then came home for lunch.

This is the part of the sign I wanted

This is the complete sign

After lunch we headed north to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge hoping to spend some time there. We were there two years ago but I had a really bad back then and wasn’t able to walk very far. However, it was not to be. They were doing a prescribed burn so we couldn’t go very far into the park. We stopped to see the alligator behind a fence and then started on a trail but it was very muddy so we came back and drove as far as we could into the park. We took some photos of the burn and then left and headed for Refugio where I wanted to take a photo of a sign I had seen. On the way there we saw all kinds of deer and quite a few sandhill cranes. We took our sign photos, looked around Refugio again, then drove on.

At one spot, we pulled off the road going toward a fishing pier and saw two black wild pigs (could have been hjavelina, hard to tell). We drove back via Bayside and took some photos as we were close to sunset. We did a bit of back and forth from Rockport back to the sunset spot. We got home just at twilight – very tired!

Our high today got to be 72F (22C) and it was sunny and beautiful all day!

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