Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Short Trip to Port Aransas

This morning was bright and sunny and 56F (13C). I set out for my walk with my camera but when I went to use it, it wouldn’t work so I cut my walk short and returned home to read the Troubleshooting manual. I had also started charging the battery. The manual said to take the battery out for one minute and then put it back in so I took it out of the charger and put it into the camera and it worked.

Since it was a nice sunny day, after lunch we headed over to Port Aransas. We tried to find a sunset dolphin watch cruise but no luck so on to the Leonabelle Turnbull Bird Sanctuary where I took a couple of photos and my camera failed again. Gordon said that he thought it sounded like the battery was dead so I put the camera away and just enjoyed the day. I have lots of bird photos anyway. We went to the beach, the jetty and Roberts Point Park and then headed home. My battery is charging. Sure hope that’s all it is! So, no photos today.

We reached a high of 70F (21C) today, tomorrow’s high is supposed to be only 49F (9C) and rainy!!

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