Sunday, 11 February 2007

More Clouds Today

This morning Gordon decided today that it was too boring to walk around here so we drove to Rockport Beach. He headed to the harbor to take photos and I headed down the beach to walk. It was cold – 49F (9C) but I was dressed for it. I walked along the beach side for a ways then walked on the Bay side. It was quite a good walk. There weren’t a lot of birds out but I did see a heron and all kinds of gulls and terns and a few oyster catchers. The photo is of Rockport Beach.

This afternoon I headed over to Walmart to pick up a few things then drove back along Fulton Beach Road. There were a lot of waves crashing against the shore but it didn’t seem that windy.

Our high today was 57F (14C) and it was cloudy all day again. The only good thing about the temperature is that it’s only 23F (-5C) in Ottawa.

When I got back I went for another walk around the park but that’s about it for today!

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