Sunday, 14 January 2007

Our Last Day Before "The Big Freeze"

Boat Ramp at Goose Island State Park

Monarch Butterfly

View from my lawnchair

It was 56F (13C) this morning but quite foggy as I set out for my walk along the bayfront. Gordon had gone out earlier and I thought he might be at the fishing pier. When I was about half way to the pier it started to mist and as I got close to the pier and saw the truck wasn’t there I turned around and came home as it was a heavier mist by then. Gordon came home about ½ hour later and said he had been over along the highway. There’s an old highway that they use for fishing that runs across Copano Bay and he was taking photos there in the fog.

I sat outside for a while as today is going to be the last warm day for the foreseeable future. As I hadn’t completed my walk this morning due to the rain, I went for another walk this afternoon.

The low for tomorrow night is supposed to be 31F (-0.5C) with a windchill of 16F (-0.9C). Not what we signed on for! They are also forecasting freezing rain for Tuesday! YUK!!!!!

Today we drove into Rockport and drove around looking for birds but I guess they all know that it’s getting cold and they were holed up somewhere and not in their usual spots. The owner of the other Titanium in the park dropped by and introduced himself.

The plan for tonight is to watch Desperate Housewives!

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