Saturday, 20 January 2007

Foggy and Warmer

Well, it is getting warmer 49F (9C) but it was pouring rain when I got up this morning so again, no walk.

Just before noon the rain stopped but there was quite a bit of fog so I set off on my walk. There was a snowy egret on the boat dock and I got very close to him to snap a few photos. On to the rec centre and there was a male and female cardinal on the lawn but I couldn’t get very close to them before they took off on me. I had too many clothes on for my walk today. It almost felt warm! I actually turned the electric heater off when I got back as it was 70F (21C) inside. The last 6 days it’s been 65F (18C) at the highest and that’s inside!

Top left: male and female cardinal;
Top right: we think a mockingbird;
Bottom left and right: snowy egret;

This afternoon we went to the office to see if we could stay here longer. We booked an extra day, then the bayfront is booked up for 2 days. After that we could come back. So our options are to move to the wooded area or go out of the park – decisions, decisions!

After that we drove along the St. Charles Bay waterfront which is outside of the park and saw a lot of turkey vultures, coots and some ducks. We drove over to Bahia Vista RV Park but decided the roads were too narrow and too many trees so came back and drove around the wooded area. We could see the satellites from some spots so we’ll have to decide what to do before Thursday. We can always go down the road to Ancient Oaks. He had lots of room and then come back.

Our high today was 58F (14C). At least the temperature is going in the right direction!

There is a bird club here at the park that meets mostly every morning (weather permitting) at 8:00 a.m. at the fishing pier. Tonight the hosts for January gave a bird identification slide show at the rec hall which we attended. For anyone who doesn’t know, my father was a naturalist and birds were one of his hobbies. Unfortunately I don’t take after him but as I’ve grown older, I do enjoy watching the birds and learning what they are. The slide show was very well attended and we had a good time.

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