Sunday, 17 December 2006

This is the restaurant where we had lunch this week

Cormorant drying its wings on the jetty

Heron sitting on a light pole

This is one of the ferries that crosses Refish Bay coming back from a fuel stop - note the heron on the pilings on the left

It was another bright and sunny morning with clear blue skies and 66F (19C) when I set out for my walk to Roberts Point Park and the Marina.

When I got back I made my refried beans for tonight’s potluck and sat outside and read while they were cooking.

This afternoon we took a drive to the beach for a while. There were some surfers and swimmers out. The surfers were in wetsuits but the swimmers weren’t. Methinks it was pretty cold in the water! The sun and waves were beautiful though.

Tonight we went to the potluck and sat with people from Florida, Arizona and St. Thomas, Ontario. This is a fairly small RV park so it wasn’t as good as some we’ve been too but we had enough to eat. Now we’re settled in letting our food digest.

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