Monday, 18 December 2006

Around the Town

The photo at the top is of the cute little electric buggies. They are all colours but are very expensive starting at $20 for ½ hour going up to $125.00 per day plus contract and cleaning fees and sales tax. I don’t think I’ve seen any around town yet and from the prices I know why. The name of the company is “Nautical Wheelers”. The next photo is of the pelicans swimming in pelican formation. Then of a butterfly that I haven't identified yet. The next photo is one I took in the fog this morning of a pretty little palm tree in front of one of the harbourfront restaurants. The photo of me standing in the shark’s mouth is at a local beach souvenir type store called ‘Destinations’. It’s a very big shark! The next photo is a cute little boat outside the local newspaper office where I also saw a cute black and white kitty waiting for someone to come to work to give it some attention.

We had another foggy morning but it was 65F (18C). I walked around town and it was only when I was on my way home that I realized my camera card was in my computer and not in my camera. Luckily I had another smaller card with me so although I took photos of my walk, I don’t have the photos to show for it. By 9:00 a.m. the fog had burned off and it turned into a hot, humid day. So far the humidity down here hasn’t bothered me the way it does at home in Ontario in the summer. It’s kind of like in the Caribbean islands, there is enough breeze so that it doesn’t seem so humid. We are, after all, located on a little spit of land in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gordon had located another birding place that we hadn’t been too so late this morning we went there after stopping at one of the stores behind us where he got a Port Aransas baseball cap to add to his growing collection. There were some birds there but too far away for photographing. I could see them with my binoculars. After that we took some photos around town as you will see above and then we stopped again at the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Centre where we saw lots of birds but again they are quite far away for my camera.

Our high today was 77F (25C) and it remained sunny all day even though there was cloudiness in the forecast. We may not be so lucky tomorrow however.

After sitting outside and reading for a while this afternoon, I took the truck and went out and checked out some more stores and stopped and picked up some groceries at the local IGA. It really is quite a nice grocery store for such a small town.

Nothing else is on tap for today, just dinner and TV!

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