Thursday, 5 October 2006

A Tour of the Local Chutes (Falls)!

Wow! Sun! What a concept! It was beautiful, bright and sunny this morning. I hardly recognized it, its been so long since I've seen it! I would have thought that with all the rain and heavy winds last night that the leaves would be gone but they aren’t.

Today we had to make up for four days of being housebound and waterlogged so we headed out to see some places that a photographer from Quebec had recommended to Gordon via pbase.

* Chaudiere Falls (Chutes de la Chaudiere)

* Jacques Cartier Beach Park

* Kabir Kouba Falls on the St Charles River

All three spots were very pretty at this time of year and all of them except for Jacques Cartier Park had lots of stairs so we got exercise! I said that I’ve climbed more stairs in Quebec City than I did in the 11 years we had the house!

All our stops had very beautiful places to walk with the trees and water all around. I probably liked the St. Charles River itself the best with all the rapids just above the Kabir Kouba Falls. The Falls themselves were hard to photograph with my camera as we were too close to them but you can see them on Gordon’s pbase site at The Chaudiere Falls were very pretty too and the pathways were really nice for walking, lots of pretty leaves.

St. Charles River above Kabir Kouba Falls

Jacques Cartier Beach Park

Chaudiere Falls

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