Wednesday, 4 October 2006

More Rain and More Rain and More Rain.....

Photos around the park taken in the fog this morning

It was very foggy this morning so I took some photos while on my walk. Late in the morning the sun tried to shine.

After lunch we went out to the grocery store. I wanted to try Maxi as the Super C here isn’t like the one I usually go to around Ottawa. I wasn’t all that impressed with Maxi either. When I went into the store it still hadn’t started to rain but when I came out it was raining. They had called for heavy rain this afternoon and heavy rain we had and high winds as well. I swear that if it rains tomorrow I’m going to the mall and not coming out. It was rainy and windy enough to knock out the satellites, Gordon got the internet back on but not the TV so now I’m going to miss the season premiere of Lost. Having just missed the season premier of Desperate Housewives, I’m getting supremely ticked off! Today I’m ready to pack it in and go back to living in a stick house!

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  1. Sandra -- thanks for the comment yesterday.

    I'll have to start following your journeys - we sure wish we could go more often..but DH is still working.

    I love all your pictures - especially the fall colors.

    Sorry your having so much rain. Our satellite does not work well in the rain either. Bummer. Hope things improve soon.


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