Sunday, 1 October 2006

More Rain and What A Difference Another Day Makes!

Rain again today and from the looks of the forecast for the foreseeable future! Sure glad we got out and did something yesterday.

Around noon I got up the energy to go into town to pick up some groceries. While I was there I did a tour of their local WalMart and their shopping mall. I didn’t see much that I wanted or needed but it put in the afternoon for me. I thought it was going to stop raining at one point but it didn’t and as the day progressed it just rained harder.

I don’t expect much else to happen today other than rain, rain and more rain so I’m posting early!

No photos taken today so I’m including some I took yesterday.

The scenes below were taken in Canyon Ste Anne

This guy instead of crossing the bridge over the gorge on foot was taking a more exhilarating route

The scene below was taken westbound on Hwy 138 of the St. Lawrence River

The scenes below were taken along Hwy 138 east of Quebec City

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  1. The fall colours look awesome. Must see in person some year. Enjoy.


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