Thursday, 21 September 2006

Errands and A Walk in the Woods

Me at the campground in my new green vest

Photos below from our walk in the woods

Today was sunny and cold when I got up 3C (37F). I decided to walk within the campground hoping again to see some wildlife. This time I lucked out and saw three deer but they were too quick for me to get my camera ready. There was a lady from Germany walking behind me and I stopped to talk with her for a while. She spoke some English but we managed to communicate. Her English was definitely better than my German. They had rented an RV on the internet last November and she said it was much cheaper than renting it before they came. They were enjoying their trip and really liked Ottawa.

After breakfast and Regis and Kelly Live I went out to pick up some things. I stopped at WalMart and found an electric blanket for $99.92. I didn’t buy it but we are wanting one to replace our electric mattress pad which isn’t working that well. When it’s cold I like my bed to be warm when I get into it and the mattress pad just isn’t cutting it.

We have decided to stay here till Sunday and then leave for Quebec City. We like to travel through large cities on Sundays so that’s why we’ve elected to stay here till Sunday. We may be traveling in the rain but we’ll have to deal with that.

It was a really beautiful Fall afternoon so we went out and did some errands. First stop was to book our time here in October at Rideau Heights from October 16th to 25th, then on to WalMart and bought our electric blanket. Then we headed back toward the campground and parked in the parking area for the P3 trail on Corkstown Road. We walked quite a ways on the trail. It was quite pretty and reminded me of walking in the forest in my childhood. We took some photos there then headed back to the RV and packed up some of the outside stuff and put up the awning as after today it’s supposed to be rainy so probably won’t be spending much time outside. We also like to put the awning up when it’s dry so it doesn’t smell mildewy. Then we came inside and put the new electric blanket on the bed and disconnected our electric mattress pad. We want to be sure it works before we leave Ottawa and it seems to be fine. We’ll know tonight. It’s supposed to get down to 4C (39F)!

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