Friday, 11 August 2006

We're On Our Way to Having Satellite TV!

Water lily pads on the Scugog

Today was sunny and cool all day. I got the laundry done this morning and this afternoon we went in to see Armand at 3i Communications to see about getting the arm for satellite TV. After we made arrangements for Armand to come out to our campsite after we get the StarChoice people here to do what they need to do we headed over to The Source in the Lindsay Mall and got our receiver.

Early this evening the installer called and will be here tomorrow early in the afternoon. We had thought that he would not be here until Monday so this is a good thing.

While we were out we had breakfast at Wimpy’s Diner. It was a huge breakfast and as such we haven’t had another meal today.

I did sit outside for a while when we got back to the RV this afternoon but it was quite cool so I needed my sweater and a blanket! What a change from last week!

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