Monday, 7 August 2006

Trip to Purdon Conservation Area

Scene along County Road 12 near Lanark

View from the lookout at the Purdon Conservation Area

It was much warmer when I got up this morning 21C (70F) and this was before 7:00 a.m. however when I went outside there was a really nice breeze so it didn’t feel that warm.

This morning I sat outside and read and did some painting on my doggie part of our name plaque. It was very pleasant with the breeze but when I was painting at the picnic table, it was hot and my paint kept drying on me. This is good for the piece you’re painting on but not good for the paint you’re using.

This afternoon we headed southwest to see if we could find the Purdon Conservation Area. We did find it without any problems and had a nice drive. Purdon Conservation is a wetland area and is home to the wild Lady’s Slipper Orchid from mid-June to mid-July so we missed that and I have to say that other than a nice boardwalk throughout, it wasn’t much but it was a lovely afternoon and we saw some towns and places that we had never seen before. We drove through Lanark which when I was a kid was home to the Kitten Mill but that is no longer open although the village itself is kind of cute – not by Merrickville or Perth’s standards but cute in its own right. For anyone who doesn’t know Merrickville and Perth are two very cute, trendy little towns in Eastern Ontario with all sorts of little shops.

Watched TV this evening but it pretty much sucks! Only a few days till we look into satellite TV!

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