Thursday, 17 August 2006

Cleaning Up

Well the day started out with me crying as I expect I will over the next few days. There has always been a furry little body beside me when I wake up and the first thing I always did when I got up in the morning was take Bib for his walk.

So I’ve been trying to keep busy today. Yesterday I had gathered up most of Bib’s things. The vet had told me that the local humane society here in Lindsay would take anything so Gordon loaded everything that I had packaged up into the truck this morning and together with the laundry I headed into Lindsay and dropped off the doggie stuff at the humane society. They seemed quite happy to get it and said they could make use of everything. Another crying moment.

Then I stopped to pick up a few things at the grocery that I hadn’t gotten yesterday and off to the Laundromat. I was washing the comforter so I couldn’t do it here. I stopped at one and it was packed. Last year when we stayed at Alpine RV Resort I had noticed a little Laundromat at a gas station on Angeline Street so I went there and there was no one there! They didn’t have huge machines but my comforter fit in one all by itself and it was cheaper there than at the RV Resort!

This morning I also used the left over pastry that Gordon’s daughter, Michelle gives me every year when she bakes her Father his favourite butterscotch pie so I made butter tarts.

After, having a nap, vacuuming the place then dinner and TV that’s about it for today!

The photo today is of mist on the Scugog River this morning.

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