Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Another Day of Shopping with Betty!

Today was another lovely day with a nice breeze.

This morning I was meeting my sister, Betty at the library in Lindsay. They have a book sale one Tuesday every month in the summer and this was it so our plan was to hit the library and then go from there for the day. So we met there and I bought four books. We then did a little shopping in Lindsay, then left and went to Fenelon Falls where we had lunch and then did some shopping there. Then we were off to Bobcaygeon and toured their shops. We stopped at the Dunsford Golf and Country Club on the way back and had a drink and a snack. Betty’s husband, Garth and his friends were playing golf there today but they were out on the greens so we didn’t see them.

Then we stopped so Betty could pick up some groceries in Lindsay and she dropped me off at home just before 6:00 p.m.

More TV tonight!

The photo tonight is of our two satellite dishes.

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