Friday, 27 January 2006

We’re Headin’ On Out

Today I was up earlier than usual so got some photos of the sunrise from the farthest east part of the park. Bib and I walked in the wash that goes under the Hwy 60 bridge just east of here. Also discovered a 9 hole mini put golf course in the desert on the Black Rock RV Village property that I didn’t know about. It doesn’t appear to be advertised the way the 18 hole golf course is.

After getting my act together I decided since we are leaving the area tomorrow, I would get the laundry done as I’ll have to get groceries when we get to our next stop and didn’t want to have to do two things. That took most of the morning as there were only three washers and one was being used and three dryers and one was out of order and one was being used. With that out of the way, I got back just in time for lunch.

It was a nice sunshiny day so Bib and I took another short walk, then I dropped him off and went for a longer walk by myself with my camera. Didn’t see anything worth photographing. Came back and sat in my chair outside for a while with my fleece jacket on but even that didn’t keep me warm enough. The sun was warm but there was quite a cool breeze. Must be coming from Canada! I came back into the RV with cold hands so decided to read and of course, had another nap.

All in all, not a stressful day!

Now it’s time to find something for dinner and another usual TV and internet night.

Tomorrow we’re headed for SilverRidge RV Resort in Mesa, AZ where we’ve booked two weeks, buy one get one free! I like those kind of deals. Just hope the park is decent. I usually don’t like booking that much time sight unseen!

Today’s photo is of the morning sunrise.

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  1. That's a very beautiful photo, Sandra. I think that one could get enlarged and framed! :)


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