Sunday, 22 January 2006

We Attend the RV Show

Today we got up thinking that we might go to Lake Havasu City but decided to put it off for another day. Instead we thought we’d go to the RV Show in Quartzsite. The traffic in Quartzsite has been horrendous and with the RV Show starting yesterday we expected it would be much worse.

When we were in the office signing up for another week I noticed that they had a sign up sheet for a shuttle to the RV Show for free. We hadn’t signed up for today so at about 9:45 a.m. we headed up to the office to see if we could get on the 10:00 a.m. shuttle. We were in luck and we left for Quartzsite in the shuttle at about 10:15 a.m. Indeed the traffic was not something we wanted to drive in let alone trying to find parking so we were very happy to have the shuttle take us there and drop us off.

We spent about 2 ½ hours there. There is a huge tent with all kinds of exhibitors from Passport America to clothing. Of note was Armand from 3i Communications was not there. His booth was empty but the company name was on the booth. We bought our internet satellite system from him when we were in Lindsay in June 2005. Guess he was too busy wiring up the buses for the Canadian Federal Election tomorrow.

Some purchases were made. Our Passport America expires at the end of February so I signed us up for another year and got my temporary card. We saved $5.00 US signing up at the show. For those of you that don't know about Passport America, it saves us 50% on campgrounds that are listed with PA. We also got some shorter bars that we use to keep things on shelves and found a beater brush for our vacuum at the Dirt Devil exhibit. I’ve been talking about going to a vacuum cleaner store to see if I could get one as the rug brush that came with the vacuum just doesn’t ‘cut it’. Ever heard of cutting the rug or are most people that read this to young for that phrase? Anyway it means dancing which is entirely different from vacuuming (to me).

The shuttle picked us up at about 1:15 p.m. and we returned to the park where Bib was anxiously awaiting us. After doing some interneting and having a nap, Bib and I went for a walk on the BLM land next to the park where he got some sort of burr like stuff in his fur so he got a brushing tonight.

Oh, and by the way, I did get the freezer defrosted last night. It doesn't take long once you get started, it's just getting at it.

I’m starting to get comments on my blog. Cool!

That’s all for today – photo of the day is of the RV show.


  1. I love looking at all your pictures! Bib looks like a doll. I bet he enjoys sniffing all these new places! Have you been to Four Corners yet?

  2. Hi Mary Beth,

    Talked to someone at the 'Main Event' today and Four Corners has been replaced by Tyson Wells I think the guy said.

    We've been to 3 spots in the Main Event and the RV Show. I think I've tired my husband out so he told me I either drive myself in or take the shuttle if I want to go again. We'll see, we have 4 more full days here and then probably off to Mesa, AZ.



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