Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Egrets in Ottawa!

We had to go to Ottawa today for an eye appointment for me. I've been having really bad headaches for about three weeks almost migraine like.

So, we went early. We had heard that there had been Great White Egrets at Andrew Haydon Park and Mud Lake. And they were right!

Here are the ones at Andrew Haydon, actually there were three.

It's so exciting to finally see egrets up here! We haven't seen these beautiful birds since early spring 2009 at the Texas Gulf Coast.

On to Mud Lake. The ones we spotted there were too far away to get any good photos and it started to rain so we didn't try to get closer but I think there were at least three there. I sure hope they keep coming back!

While there we saw this different looking goose. Gordon thinks it's a cross between a Canada goose and a white-faced goose. It was quite comical.

Looks like it's doing the Texas two step!

The eye doctor checked me thoroughly and couldn't find anything that would cause my headaches. He suggested I contact my family doctor so that's next on the list.

In the meantime I did some research. I've been eating a lot of dates in the form of purchased larabars and home made ones and apparently that's a migraine trigger! Another possibility is a sinus infection but right now I'm thinking it's the dates. Larabars have become quite a treat for me.


  1. What are Larabars? Are they like date bars?

  2. great the birds dancing...hope your headaches are better soon...drop the dates and see if it makes a difference..hopefully it is something that simple hon..

  3. I love Lara bars! I always put one in my purse in case I have an energy crash, Peanuts and choco chips!!!

    I hope you get your headaches sorted out. Nothing worse than migraines, although I have to tell you, American Excedrins are awesome for mine. Nothing else works.

    I love your photos, and the goose is hilarious.



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