Tuesday, 12 July 2011

White Faced Ibis and Corner Cabinet

On Sunday since it was such a nice day and we had gotten some of our work done (painting) we decided to go in search of the white faced ibis. I found out about it from a local birder's blog that I follow. So off we went to the town of Carp, Ontario. Unfortunately we didn't find any white faced ibis (photo below from Bruce's blog) but we had a nice drive and had a few photo ops.

The White Faced Ibis
A lounging cow

Carp River

Liked the windows in this old shed in Carp, ON

Hay bales shoot out of the baler into the hay wagon

A lovely old log barn

Yesterday when I was out looking around I went upstairs at Vickie's, a local ladies' wear store as I learned (from Facebook) that she was selling used furniture there. When I got to the head of the stairs, I saw it! The corner cabinet I've been looking for so today I took Gordon over to see it and he liked it too. It was small enough to fit in the back of the Squirt so it came home with us. I don't have it entirely set up yet, that will come.

It fits into the small corner by the kitchen perfectly. I wanted to display my Grandmother's china.


  1. How many tries did it take to catch that bale shooting out at just the right time?
    The corner cabinet looks great.
    What a find!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Baling hay sure isn't like we had to do it, I wish it was that easy back then. The cabinet is great! I'm so glad you found it.

  3. The cabinet is really pretty. Loved the picture of hay bale flying through the air.

  4. That cabinet seems to fit perfectly in your corner.

    A white-faced ibis in your neck of the woods certainly would be note worthy. :)

  5. Looks like you had a great day and what a fabulous find!

  6. I love the corner cabinets as they are! Beautiful wood!!
    - Corner cabinet


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