Friday, 15 July 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This was Thursday nights's sunset at Kilmarnock
We headed out this morning around 9:30 a.m. Below are some barns we saw along the way.

Public School, Dixon's Corners, Ontario
I was getting into familiar territory here. My younger sister went to school (photo above) here. It's now closed and being used for storage.

 Monument to the McIntosh apple, Dundela, Ontario (founded by John McIntosh).

This was the largest field on our farm and the farthest away from the house

I spent a lot of time at the house shown above when I was in public school. My best friend, Carol lived there.

This used to be the one room schoolhouse (above) that I attended for 8 years. When it closed, it was purchased by my teacher's daughter, Sylvia and her husband and fixed up as a home. She still lives there, in fact, she's sweeping the porch as we drove by.

This is the house where I grew up and spent the first 17 years of my life. It's now in a state of disrepair. It was such a beautiful house!

This is where my teacher, Mabel lived just west of our place.

 My grandmother's sister's house in Williamsburg. I spent a lot of time there too.

A plaque to Dr. Mahlon W. Locke in Williamsburg. Dr. Locke was known all over the world and people would come for foot manipulation. Williamsburg was the closest town to our farm.

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Williamsburg, Ontario
This church is the one I attended while I lived at home.

On to Morrisburg where we had a picnic by the St. Lawrence River.

This is the closest I can get to the U.S. without going to jail. I'm sitting on the dock at Morrisburg and the trees across the river are at Waddington, NY.

The car you see is traveling on US route 37. I took this photo from the dock at Morrisburg.

My sisters and I had this tree planted in memory of our Mom & Dad in 2002 after Mom passed away. There is also a plaque at the base of the tree.

The house above is where I was born in Morrisburg. Although it has been a funeral home for years, when I was born it was a birthing home. It used to be brick.

This is where I went to high school, good old MHS (Morrisburg High School). It closed the year I graduated and students were bussed to Iroquois about 12 miles west of Morrisburg.

The prettiest church in Morrisburg is St. James Anglican.

Mom and Dad lived here after they sold the farm. Mom lived here till about three months before she passed away.

 I used to work here for the Municipality of Morrisburg.

We stopped at the locks at Iroquois but there were no ships going through so no photos were taken. The lock there is so much bigger than the ones here as they are for freighters whereas ours here are mostly pleasure boats.

 At Carmen Galop Park, Iroquois

Fort Wellington, Prescott, Ontario.

Boathouses at Galop Canal Marina, Iroquois

Freighter and lighthouse at Prescott

And looking across from Prescott is Ogdensburg, NY

This used to be a windmill
This is the site of The Battle of the Windmill.

This lighthouse is also in Prescott but is an ice cream parlour.

The Marina is in Prescott, Ontario and the buildings across the water are in Ogdensburg, NY.
 As you can see, I grew up very close to the U.S.

There were two large suckers swimming around the marina.

Here is a map of our route today.
From Prescott, we traveled to Brockville and then home. It was a long day but fun and we had beautiful weather for it.


  1. Beautiful memories, and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane.

  2. What a lovely trip for you, and I expect Gordon took a lot of great pictures, too. Thanks.

    A memorial for an apple, and very interesting facts about it. Who knew?

    It is a shame that some of the places are in disrepair, but wonderful that others have been cherished.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. The USA. So close and yet so far....

  4. What a great trip down memory lane. Penny is right US is so close yet so far away, ya just wanna take a boat and sail across to the USA. Thanks for taking us along on your special trip.

  5. Many of those sights are famaliar to both Kevin and I. We are both from the Ottawa area. We are actually on our way to Arnprior (Galetta really) to spend a month at my Dad's to visit with family and friends before heading south.

    Kevin used to drive down to Cornwall a lot and would try do do different drives just for some variety. I really enjoy travelling along the St. Lawrence River.

    Kevin and Ruth


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