Friday, 3 December 2010

Wednesday to Friday December 1-3, 2010


Rain, rain, rain but warm at 11C (53F) at 11 a.m. Needless to say with the looks of the radar below, no walking this morning!

So I finished up laundry that I started last night, did some repairs on some clothing while I had my sewing machine out, spent time on the computer and read. I found another game on Facebook that I've always liked. It's called Pyramid Solitaire. Since I'm running low on credits with Bejewelled and they've been cheap about giving me points lately I decided to find something other than Pathwords to play.

Speaking of sewing, I was in Walmart on Monday. They've downsized their sewing/crafts section. There's no more bolts of fabric. They have some packaged but not much selection. Anyway I was looking for tailor chalk. I couldn't find any so I asked a young clerk and she told me she'd never heard of it! I guess sewing isn't catching on with the younger crowd. Not that I consider myself a seamstress of any kind but I used to make some clothing years ago before you needed a university degree to read a pattern and I can do some repairs. Anyway, I guess it's becoming a lost art. My mother was a good seamstress. She made all our clothes when we were in school and I remember her making me a suit when I first went to work in Ottawa when I was 18. She was also an amazing quilter! That, I'm not, I'm not a big fan of sewing by hand.

Late this afternoon it started to snow. It was melted on the road but sticking to the grass. Our first winter wonderland for this year! The temperature also went from the 11C (53F) that it was when I got up this morning to 0.3C (33F) before 5 p.m.

Front yard with a little snow. It went away, but tonight it's snowing lightly again.


I had planned to go to the Real Deal to work on my lamp this morning. I was out of the house early so stopped at Sears to pick up a parcel and also stopped at the hardware store to get some tile set for the lamp, I was still early so went to the grocery store.

The lady who was supposed to be there wasn't at the Real Deal so I just picked up my lamp.

From there I headed downtown. I needed new sneakers so I stopped at the shoe store. They are so nice there and very helpful. Mind you the shoes cost an arm and a leg. They take an imprint of your foot like they do when you're measured for orthotics and they keep a file on you as well. I wound up getting some nice shoes. My heel doesn't hurt when I walk in them. Unfortunately they're a discontinued style but there are hopes for them to come back in again.

The package I picked up at Sears was a new jogging suit for Gordon. The ones he has are in really bad shape. Now he wants one in every colour! He can always use them as he lives in them!

This afternoon we went out to the local Salvation Army Thrift store and bought an old fashioned end table for the basement to put my lamp on. Guess I'd better get working on it!


We were having some light snow as I headed out in my new sneakers this morning. They really are comfortable. I've never spent that much money on shoes before but it appears that they are worth it!

Over the past month of so I've been trying to figure out why I suffer from periodic nausea (other than from reflux) and intestinal distress. By process of elimination I thought at first it was applesauce but that didn't seem right so I kept thinking and it seems that when I eat the homemade bread (which has 2 eggs in it), I get symptoms. Last night I went on a mission to find a recipe for bread with no eggs. I did find one so this morning we went out and I picked up the ingredients I was missing at the local health food/bulk store.

It turns out rather pale (maybe I'll use brown rice flour next time instead of white) and it's not great but it is moist and toasts up pretty well. It's an oven made loaf rather than breadmaker but it's quite easy to make thanks to my stand mixer. So we'll see if I continue to have symptoms. While I was baking I made some egg free blueberry muffins. I used 1/2 a banana in place of each egg. They turned out ok, again, not great, but ok. Now I'll have to figure out how to make the peanut butter cookies without egg.

A rather pale loaf of rice bread

Blueberry muffins

While we were out this morning we did a little driving around the back roads just southwest of Smiths Falls. It wasn't a great day since it was mostly cloudy and a little snow was falling but it was nice to get out in the country.

Otter Creek

Part of the Cataraqui Trail
This afternoon I settled in to read and have a snooze.


  1. My son is so excited that I know how to sew, even though I've never done anything for him to say that. He's fascinated by anyone that can. I use to make my own dresses too.

    I'm glad you found what may be causing your eating problems. That's interesting. Good luck in finding more recipes to make without causing problems.

  2. Maybe the egg-free thing is the key? In a way, I hope not, as they are so good, and good for you.

    You said that Gordon doesn't like quinoa, well, I tried the red quinoa, and it has a different taste. They do make quinoa flour too, if you need the protein as you might not be able to eat eggs.

    So what brand are these comfy shoes? That is wonderful that your heel doesn't hurt in them, I know how you like to have your walks.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. I noticed that Wal*marts were going out of fabric - I asked a manager and she said all Wal*marts in North America were reducing fabric - it is a cost to them because the clerks have to know fabric, etc. Also, the little fabrics packs they bring in are made in China and are awful! Sewing is still going on, and there are plenty of young sewers, they just support their local quilt/sewing store or order online. I have my Janome machine with me, and use it almost everyday if we are parked with power. Best wishes for Christmas! - Kim

  4. Maybe you could try the egg substitute products? Stu uses them for omelettes all the time.


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