Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Friday to Tuesday, November 26-30, 2010


The wind really picked up this morning! After lunch I headed out to the library and then on to the Real Deal.

There were six people (that's all they had room for) for the repurposing workshop and four people to show what they've done. After that they had a collection of old lamps that were pretty ugly so we each took a lamp to refurbish. I'm using my broken china to refurbish mine. It's going to take a while!

The lamp I'm working on, the base was green so I painted in white before starting to apply the china pieces. I've got a long way to go!

Other people's projects

Tippy is owned by the lady who does the volunteer coordinating. She's a beautiful Border Collie and very friendly

My $1.00 magazine rack that I found at the Real Deal


It was snowing and the sun was shining when I set out for my morning walk. Only the sidewalks had snow on them as it was melting on the roads so I put on my ice grippers to be sure I didn't fall on my knees again. They still haven't recovered 100%. The temperature was -0.5C (31F) but there was a good wind so it was chilly!

I had a bunch of sewing jobs to do so I got my sewing machine out. We carried it with us for over five years and I only used it once or twice but I'm glad I didn't get rid of it. I got a couple of projects completed.

This afternoon I had my first volunteer job. There is an annual Scotch Tasting fundraiser at the Canal Museum tonight and my job was to help set up for it. I got tables and chairs out, then set up tables, washed tables, set up chairs, washed chairs, put on tablecloths & centrepieces. I was there for two hours and didn't stop the whole time I was there. By the time I got home my heel was ready for some ice and a rest.

Entrance to Canal Museum - they're doing renoations so there's a big dumpster to the left of the entrance

View from outside the Museum


It was -0.9C (30F) and cloudy this morning. The radio said there was a wind chill but I didn't feel much wind but I had put on my heavier coat this morning so that helped. The ice grippers make a great cushion for my heel when walking.

Gordon went out this morning early and took a photo of the Holiday Train that arrived here last night. They collect food and money for the Food Banks across Canada.

Other than my walk I didn't even stick my nose outside today. I was mostly a couch potato reading. I did do some cleaning and made bread. Very exciting day!


What a beautiful bright sunny morning! The temperature was -0.2C (28F) but it was still nice for a walk.

If we're not doing anything Monday morning I like to go out to the local grocery. They often have good Manager's specials on Monday mornings. So off I went on my Monday morning shopping. Most of what I picked up was groceries but I did manage one small Christmas gift. I had planned to go to two more places but my heel was starting to give out on me so I came home.

I've been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain over the past couple of months. It seems to come and go so I've been blaming it on food. Also this time of year has always been bad as I always felt somewhat ill when we first left Canada for a few weeks so I'm not sure what the problem is now. If it keeps up much longer, I'll have to find a doctor here or go to mine in Ottawa. I hate making appointments in Ottawa when you don't know what the weather is going to be like on the day of your appointment. Maybe I'll try the clinic here.....


It was cloudy this morning but a decent temperature at 0C (32F) for walking. My heel was hurting so I only went out for 15 minutes. It hardly seems worth it to get dressed for the outdoors for 15 minutes but I feel like I need to keep moving!

I feel better this morning than yesterday so hope that continues to be the case.


  1. Mmmmm - I'd like the scotch tasting I think.

    I have abdominal pain sometimes, but the medics could never find anything wrong, so I just live with it. It's only at certain times and then it's ok again.

  2. Hope you feel better...

    Love the idea of The Real Deal store!

    The Holiday Train is gorgeous!!


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