Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday to Tuesday August 15-17, 2010


Today was cloudy and cool with rain on and off. It stopped this morning long enough for me to walk.

Gordon was into more handyman duties this morning. He put up the new light fixture and fan in his office.

This afternoon we went for a drive and took some photos, then stopped at the Flea Market here in town where I bought a pitcher. We had one of these on the farm and I had one at the house as well. We called it a pudding milk pitcher on the farm. It's very plain but I've always liked it.

Some cute little wooden animals in the field

Lots of purple and yellow

Lone tree

Old barns & sheds

Yellow wildflowers

My pitcher

When we got back we had some heavy rain so I finished my latest book. I think I've read about four this week.

No updates on the furnace blower problem today.

Rain and some storms overnight.


This morning was bright and sunny again, warm but with a nice breeze for my walk. I even tried some running this morning on sidewalks I know are flat so my depth perception doesn't cause a problem.

I read most of the day. I think I've read four books this week so another trip to the library is in order tomorrow.

We went out for sunset again tonight and it was another pretty one!


Another beautiful day!

Today would have been my Mom's birthday. There are quite a few of my friends on Facebook who celebrate their birthday on the 17th as well so to all of them - Hope you had a great day!

I had a package of Soda Bread sitting here and we needed some bread. The instructions said to bake in the oven but I didn't want to heat up the house so I made it in the breadmaker. Hmmm, not such a good idea.

Tastes good though!


  1. Sunset pictures are stunning! The bread is somewhat less than stunning, LOL. Perhaps the bread maker is best at breads with yeast, LOL.
    And you might just need that furnace fan before winter, or at least by winter anyway.
    I'm glad you had a nice day on your mom's birthday.

  2. Love the sunset pictures. Dogs are adorable.

  3. LOL... every shot was fantastic till I hit the bread machine shot! hahahahahhaha

  4. They made fun of your bread, but it all goes down the same hole, no matter what shape it is on the plate.
    Proof of the bread is in the eating!
    Lovely pictures, as usual.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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