Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday to Saturday, July 8-10, 2010


Today was another hot one 35C (95F), bright and sunny!

We stayed at home till mid afternoon then went out to our 'home away from home' Home Hardware and picked up a ceiling fan for the office, dryer vent hose, sprinkler, hose nozzle attachment, all those little things you need. We also inquired about a french door for the office (it had an accordian door which we both hated and Gordon took down the first week we were here) and a slab door for the bedroom. Our bedroom has an old fashioned white door with panels and Gordon doesn't like it. He wants a plain slab hollow core door. More detailed measurements have to be done before they can be ordered.

Gordon had looked at a map after we went to Beveridges lock yesterday and found out there was a second lock further up the Tay Canal so we drove over there today. This old scow called the Tay was sitting there looking abandoned.

Driving along the Tay Canal on the way to the second set of Beveridges Locks

The Tay at the locks


It was cooler today but still very humid and we had rain and a rumbling of thunder late morning. In the early afternoon we had another storm and the rain came down in sheets! The rain lasted on and off most of the afternoon and evening but it wasn't heavy all the time. Just a nice steady rain - good for my petunias.

This morning we had someone from Bath Fitter come to look at our tub. The tub wall is made of what looks like floor linoleum. There was once a glass sliding door there so there's damage to both sides of the wall. He gave us a quote for a nice white one piece wall and a shell that fits over the present tub which looks to be the original one. The alternative is to have someone come in to glaze the tub and have someone put in a bath wall. Bath Fitter has a lifetime guarantee on theirs. Has anyone had this done by Bath Fitter and not been happy? There are some bad reviews on line. I think I'll call the Better Business Bureau on Monday.

The rain cooled things off by late afternoon but there was still some humidity.


It was only about 22C (72F) this morning so I got to go for my walk. That's the first time since last Monday.

After breakfast we went out and hit a couple of garage sales. I found a sewing table for $5.00. It needs refinishing but I am capable of that having refinished our dining room table at the house before we went on the road. This however may be veneer so it may just get painted. That was about all I found.

This afternoon I went out again mainly for some groceries but we had passed a Liquidation World yesterday. That's the first time I had seen it so I went there to see what they had. It's kind of like a mini department store, a little bit of everything.

I also stopped at the Real Deal to see what they had but nothing exciting. The Real Deal is a not for profit organization run mainly by volunteers. It's used everything from sinks and doors to dishes and craft supplies.

Then it was off to the regular stores to get the groceries. It was 33C (91F) when I got back home. Glad I turned the air on before I left!

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