Tuesday, 6 July 2010


It was 26C (78F) this morning with 83% humidity so decided to forego my walk. I was fighting with things with tentacles in my dreams last night so I didn't have any energy anyway.

George, our contractor for our front deck arrived early. I asked him to price two options, one to replace the porch that's there and one to extend it the length of the house. While his price was quite reasonable for the full length we decided against it for now. We have a lot of other things to do in the house. So, he'll get started as soon as it cools down some.

I went out to pick up some Vitalux S for Gordon. He has the beginnings of macular degeneration and this is what the eye doctor told him to use. While out, I stopped by the grocery (not the one I was at yesterday). They had free annuals so I picked up one red and white petunia that didn't look in too bad shape. When I got back, I planted and watered it. Hope it likes heat!

Just hung around in the air conditioning this afternoon.

The contractor came by a few times. He put up caution tape on the steps so I called the post office and we'll be picking up our mail till our new deck is finished. This only happens in a small town I guess but the guy who issues building permits is on holidays so we don't know if we can get a building permit until he gets back. They were going to try to reach him since the front steps are a hazard at the moment.


We got ready early and headed in to Ottawa this morning to Nancy's new house. Everything was moved in yesterday and her friend, Carole stayed overnight last night so they were well on their way to getting things done when we arrived even though it was only about 9:30 a.m. With all of us working we had emptied most of the boxes shortly after lunch. There are still some with Christmas ornaments and such in them that we stacked on the shelves in the basement. Yes, this house does have a basement. The reason I say that is her house where we stayed all winter had a walk out so it technically wasn't a basement.

Nancy's new dining room table and chairs

Unfortunately Max wasn't there, he was staying at Nancy's friend's house. She was only picking him up this afternoon so we'll have to see him another time.

On our way home the thermometer in the truck reached 36C (97F). Tomorrow is supposed to be our last day that is this hot, at least for a while.

So we headed out to Ikea shortly before 3 p.m. as Gordon wanted to pick up some picture frames and there were a couple of things I needed, one of which was a magnetic knife rack. I don't like my knives in drawers. I left the one I had in the RV as where we hung it would have discoloured the cabinet by now.

Tonight we went out to fill up the truck at 96 cents/litre (it's gone up as a result of the 8% added tax). While we were out we took a drive out to Beveridges Lock on the Tay Canal and also took some sunset photos.

Beveridges Lock

Tonight's sunset


  1. As dreadful as that .96 CN per liter sounds, it converts to $3.45 USD per US Gallon. We were $2.75 tonight at the pump here in central Missouri. Missouri is normally much cheaper than the rest of the country, but it is still about 2.89 over in Kansas. I think the Northeast US is over $3 a gallon. But any way you look at it the HST will make things quite a bit higher, unlike what the politicians would have you believe.
    I really like the sunset picture!!

  2. Very nice sunset picture!


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