Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thursday & Friday July 29 & 30, 2010


The humidity is gone and our high today was 24C (75F)! Just a gorgeous sunny day. I did go on my morning walk and it was very enjoyable.

Today we went to Tranquil Acres to move the Titanium for the last time. The people that purchased it from us wanted a site by the river and the site opened up this week. We had agreed to keep the truck long enough to do the move. Now we can prep it for sale.

We spent a few minutes with Dave and Shonagh before we left to go to Ottawa. We had stopped at the Home Depot in Carleton Place to see if we could get our small sink for the bathroom but the sink is discontinued and they didn't have any. So off to Ottawa and we got the last one they had! Back at Carleton Place Home Depot we bought a French door for the office since it's a shorter distance home from there.

We have enough projects to see us through the winter!

Gordon found a better photo of the Kia Rio 5 EX Sport so I changed the photo on yesterday's blog.


Another bright sunshiny day but way cooler than it has been. I even wore a jacket for my walk as it was only 16C (62F).

Today's highlight was picking up our new car. We had gone to get the insurance this morning so that was all finished and we had gone to the dealer this morning and signed all the paperwork. The car was finally ready around 3:30 p.m. so away we went to pick it up. Our salesman went through the usual 'getting to know your car'. The only new things were blue tooth and a sun roof. We've never had a sun roof before. We got our cell phones hooked up to bluetooth and now have to figure out how to use it.

I got to drive it away from the dealership. I had to go to the library so went there before going home. Gordon took a photo of me with it when I arrived home. Then off for a short drive before dinner. I think another drive tonight might be happening.

Now we have to name it, any suggestions?


  1. Nice looking car. I bet the fuel mileage will be great. You and Gordon will have to get use to it compared to the truck. When we got our Jeep Liberty Sandy just loved it as she could wing into the parking spaces in one turn not two or three as with our truck.

  2. We named my Nissan Versa the "Go-Kart"! Enjoy running around town :-)

  3. Of course, it is already " Rio"!
    Now you know why I named mine "Puddle Jumper"!!
    You are going to love it.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. "Silver Squirt", we named our HHR "Silver Sally" George


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